Unity In Christ

November 2nd, 2014 - John 17 Service Reflections

Joe Tosini 

Last Sunday's gathering at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, convened by the John 17 Movement, got me thinking of the classic statement on what makes a good real estate investment: location, location, location.

With Christ's church it's Relationship, Relationship, Relationship. 

To seek the Kingdom of God first, as Jesus instructed us (Mt. 6:33), we must first understand this Kingdom. Romans 14:17 tells us the Kingdom of God has nothing to do with eating or drinking; rather, it is righteousness, peace, and joy. Paraphrased: God's Kingdom isn't the dominance of one part of its citizenry with its particular doctrinal or cultural nuances over the rest. No! The essence of the Kingdom of God is the selfless pursuit of loving one another as the Father loves us. John 17:23 tells us that the promised result of such love will transform the world just as Jesus commissioned us to do. 

On Sunday evening there was agreement among those present that seeking the Kingdom is the relational pursuit of loving both Jesus our King and our fellow citizens in His Kingdom as our true brothers and sisters. It is clearly evident that God is joining us as members of His one family; comprised of every tribe (denomination) that exalts Jesus as Lord and Savior.  

Hearing brothers and sisters from different parts and stations of responsibility in the one Church Jesus is building tell their story was inspiring and encouraging, giving hope that the Church's best days are still to come. Let God arise in His Church!